Global Health Techno Management Forum (GHTMF) formed by the Krishna Memorial Trust and Global Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Kashipur in the year 2023. It is supported by eminent personalities in the field of health, technology and management, the forum has under its wings distinguished academicians, scientists, and leaders. The forum aims at providing a common platform among educationists, corporate, industries (Health, Pharmacy, Biotech, Chemicals), politicians, the media and policy makers to augment health and management, educational growth and research. It will align the big leaders of health management and technology from various regions of India and countries around the globe to make an open space for networking and interactions for questing and solving the problems and making new business and creation of resources. The forum aims to delve into a wide array of pertinent topics such as drug design and discovery, digitalization in healthcare, artificial intelligence, research and innovation, sustainability, green agriculture, emerging technologies, and block chain. The international symposium on “Global Trends in Health, Technology and Management” being organized in Dehradun would aim to cover these topics through lectures from the experts, oral and poster presentations from the students.