• Agriculture is the world’s largest industry.
  • Intensive agriculture as it has been practiced since the 1960s has very high yields, but depletes the soil and pollutes the environment: greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, ocean acidification, etc.
  • When agricultural operations are sustainably managed, they can preserve and restore critical habitats, help protect watersheds, and improve soil health and water quality.
The goal of green agriculture are:
  • To ensure food security in the face of climate change and biodiversity loss
  • Reduce the environmental and climate footprint of the food system
  • Strengthen the food system’s resilience.
  • Lead a global transition towards competitive sustainability from farm to fork.
  • Demand for agricultural commodities is rising rapidly as the world’s population grows. Agriculture’s deep connections to the world economy, human societies, and biodiversity.
  • This forum is dedicated to researching an innovative solution for green agriculture.