Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity

Culture and its influence on the life and well-being of individual does not require any debate. In the era of globalization, importance of culture and its diversity at work-place, academic institutions, community and residential place remains both an opportunity and a challenge to overcome.

Cultural practices to improve health exist since centuries in form of healthy daily routine. However, with advent of modernization the essence of cultural value seems to disappear. On one hand, we are progressing towards developing artificial intelligence technology to find solutions for emerging challenges such as climate change, sustainability and new pathogens but unfortunately, we do not reflect upon our ancient cultural practices which might hold solutions too.

Our cultural diversity not only at national level but at global level needs in depth exploration to identify the treasures of our ancestors who contributed to develop us to the current standards.

One of the objectives of the forum is to promote cultural practices from different part of the world which can help us to either find solution or might be solutions to afore mentioned challenges. Few examples will include promotion of traditional and cultural medical practices such as ayurvedic, homeopathy, Chinese traditional medicine to find cure for chronic diseases.

Similarly, another aspect of cultural diversity is learning from different culture the best practices in form of daily life style, food habits and housing. How did our ancestors in different cultures adopted sustainable practices to survive on planet earth without damaging environment.  In today’s era, it is essential to encompass our hard earned knowledge embedded in culture to confront the new challenges.